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Friday, May 9, 2008

CCD Report Cards

Tomorrow is my final class even though classes officially end on May 24 (I'm the primary godfather for my cousin's daughter and I have to be in the ceremony the same time the final class is for CCD). Real quick, CCD is those Catholic Christian Doctrine...aka...Saturday morning church school. I teach 7th grade which focuses on Morality. So we've touched on hot topic issues like euthanasia, death penalty, abortion, sex, peer pressure and etc. It's been a real fun year and tomorrow per request I got them hamburgers @ Jollibee (aka "Yumbergers"). My mom is helping out by getting some Capri Suns and some home made brownies. We're usually not allowed to have parties in those classrooms but hey, I somehow have to be the coolest teacher. Anywhoo, I'm writing their report cards and all of them honestly are good kids. Real cool seeing kids' thought processes develop within a year. :tear:

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