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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

jCp x Marvel x New Era

Yes this is my backyard.

So when I was in San Diego visiting Fashion Valley, I passed by a stand with some New Era hats. And well, I'm not usually a baseball cap kinna guy but the reason why I stopped was because I spotted this hat--an Incredible Hulk cap sitting among other Marvel x New Era caps.

As a kid, my cousins and friends in the neighborhood all claimed their super hero. My cousin who lives in San Diego was X-Men's Wolverine; his brother claimed Spider-Man; other friends claimed Ghost Rider, Gambit, etc etc. For me, it was the Hulk.

So I'm there in front of the stand and I figured... "Man.. $31.99 for a fitted cap?? Hmm.. then again, how many times do I come across Hulk cap from New Era?" So there you go, I give my credit card, authorize my purchase with my signature and there I am with my first ever cap.

Because it's my first time getting a fitted cap, I found out that day that I'm a 7 1/2. I don't know if that's huge compared to others but with the hair on my head, this size helps. My favorite part about this cap is the lining: Purple Satin to go with Hulk's trunks! Love the detail.

"You're getting me angry!" Bruce Banner would say....

"Gaarrrhrhhkhjkagjadjnfdi!!!!!!" The Hulk would say right after he becomes that green machine.

Watch the Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton and Liv Tyler on June 13! Mos def I'll be there wearing my cap.

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Brendan H. said...

props on that fitted