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Monday, May 19, 2008

"TB" does not mean Tuberculosis... least not in this blog of mine. From now on, I will be using "TB" instead of "Text Box" when posting images/info on this project. So don't get confused!

But yes, I've decided to release some images from the project. Just a head's up, after starting it on April 2nd 2008, I have a total of 23 unique "text boxed" images. Some have 2-3 images per message so more of less, there's about 27+ images.

This weekend alone I was able to get 8 images from San Diego. I wasn't able to get as much as I thought I would but then again, I was also planning on having fun with friends and family. haha But nevertheless, I was able to get some images off the trip. Here's one I took in the hotel I stayed in. There's actually a grill there called "JJ's Grill" under the Radisson Hotel in San Diego. Here it is:

Check back here now and then to see more previews of the project!

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