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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tofu House = Korean Food and Conversations

Today, Catherine and I went to Tofu House on El Camino partly due to her belated birthday (May 4) as well as her fair well dinner this Friday since she's going to Venice [I think] for about 4 weeks.. I'm missing her night out since I'm going to San Diego this weekend and will be leaving very early that Friday morning.

As you all know, Catherine is the one who wrote the introduction to Nonage. She's an English major at LMU and she already finished her semester. As for me, I still have one more tomorrow morning and then I'm free for summer!

But here we are in Tofu House eating Korean food and we just catch up on how we're doing in school and just life in general. One thing to share though that she brought up was that in one of her English classes that covered Shakespeare, she noted that there was another way to view life that she never thought of. Basically, if I got it right, was what we've already accomplished is not just a "chapter of our life" in our own personal book. Instead, it is only a prologue to what has yet to become--which would be the "main story" of our lives. Sigh.. I don't know.. she can explain it better. hahah So Catherine, if and when you read this, edit this by adding a comment ok? Ok thanks.
Catherine Eating [She kept moving and refused to take a formal pic hence the blurriness]

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