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Friday, June 6, 2008

"$10,000+"? Make that $43,995.00 of Cameraness That I Held

Today, I went to SF Calumet with Cherry to view a demo of Hasselblad's latest software called Phocus and their latest camera, the Hasselblad H3DII. I told Cherry [and others] that I got the chance to see and hold a $10,000+ camera but man was I wrong. After checking with [a great store by the way in New York where I get some of my stuff], it turns out this is their listing for it:

Uh yea.. that's right. $43,995.00. That's a medium format 39 megapixel camera BODY. No lens included. Put in another $2-5,000 for sure for one.

There were two people in that room (of about 8) that actually own a previous model of this camera... the cheapest model of this camera runs about $24,995.00. I really wonder what they do because you'd need to be making mad money to own one of these. And if anything, if they actually paid it off. From what I know with these cameras, they're mainly rented because of that price. SF Calumet has it for rental for about $75/day for the older model and about $70/day for the lens [there's a variety with similar prices]. And that's not all, you still have to rent the Digital Back [instead of film, you put this digital module onto the camera to record the images] that says "CALL" under the price per day. So you can imagine it's still up there to use this camera system for a day.

Maybe one day I'll hold this camera again.. just as long as the job pays for it.

I'm just glad my girlfriend decided to pick up my pocket camera and take a shot of me holding this baby. Afterwards, we left and I sure jump for joy because the only time I'd be holding one of those is if I worked professionally in the commercial, advertising, or fashion agencies.

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