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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Airport Food Sucks.

Ok.. it doesn't suck that bad. But it sure sucks because of the price. An 8 piece sushi of unagi cost $12.95. So my mom wanted to eat and BAM! An easy $30+ for two people for 8 piece sushi!!

Had to for the Text Box project.

My mom eating her sushi. Major ups to her for pretty much staying up for more than 24 hours without sleep! She wakes up daily at around 10:30am, goes to work 3pm and comes home 12:10am. So when she came home, she immediately packed and got ready to leave the house by 4:00am. And from there, she pretty much didn't sleep until we finally gave up and went home by noon.

Me and my sushi. I on the other hand, did get some sleep--I pretty much fell asleep during the wait in the numerous gates. Yet, once I got home, I immediately fell asleep for another couple of hours!

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