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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Birthday Card: Jacob's 1st Birthday

Front: Jacob's 1st Birthday Candle card

Today, I made a birthday card for my [hang on now..] girlfriend's friend/co-worker's son named Jacob. It's his birthday party today and instead of buying a card, I told my girlfriend I'd make a card instead.

It's a fairly simple sketch: just one birthday candle representing his 1st birthday. Hand drawn in Photoshop and colored there too. The usual thing I do to add depth is to darken the colors mimicking shadows using the Burn Tool set on a low opacity.

Inside: "happy 1st birthday jacob"

For me, the interior is always kept simple. Nice clear text with the message inside leaving plenty of room to write on both sides of the card. Although when I make these cards, I intend to write on the left side of the card leaving the right side of the card with the message clean.

Back: Personal logo

The backside with my personal logo.

1 comment:

den said...

good job on the graphic! it seems simple but I can see the work done to it.