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Sunday, June 1, 2008

In Preparation of BYOA's showcase...

Taken on 10.20.2007 by TAG

I came across this picture from my Philippine trip of October 2008. That's me in the middle and my cousins around trying to do those infamous jumping pictures. You got to give it up to me and my hops and original pose. hahah

But anywhoo, BYOA stands for "Bring Your Own Art" and is organized by Infin8 Sync based in the Bay Area. Basically, the organization is open to independent artists looking to display their work in which similar artists are able to view it. Not only is it open to visual artists but also to musical artists and such. Melonie, one of twin sisters who run these events emailed me earlier in the week asking if I'd be interested in June's event in which the theme is "Your Diaspora." She was interested in having me represent the Philippine culture and it seemed perfect since I do have images I took while I was there.

I'll be selecting the images today and send them out for print. Prints will vary anywhere from 4x6's to the largest 16x20 which I want of one photo as the header.

I'll keep posting about this as the date nears and the installation is complete.

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