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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

LA in Sum

On Friday morning, we got dropped off by my cousin to SFO by 7:45am. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 9:05am so we had time to relax and duel on our DS's.

We arrived at LA by 11:10pm and Ghia and Dan picked us up. We ate some of their leftovers, played some Smash [Bros], and then headed for bed. Next morning, it was Ghia's graduation ceremony at UCLA so we and the family headed there in the sweltering heat to wait for her name to be called.

Congrats again to Ghia for graduating with as a Sociology major!

After her graduation, we ate lunch at this Japanese restaurant called Ami. They give UCLA students a 15% discount so that was helpful when the bill came along.

A crying picture for fun before we sleep at Best Western. Disneyland was to come tomorrow! And yea, that's a Breathe Right nasal strip. Reportedly it works.

Our photo from the Hollywood Tower of Terror. All our reactions are priceless.. especially Ghia's younger brother JC [the kid in front wearing the white shirt].. looks like he was confused whether or not he should be screaming.

The heat got to us while waiting in line for rides but luckily I brought one of those fans with the spray bottle to mist ourselves. We cooled off too with some drinks and ice cream [$3.75 for a frozen banana chocolate!!!]

Our family photo before we leave the park at around 11:20pm.

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