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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Part 01: "My Diaspora: USA"

Red, White, and Blue--the colors that represent America. This image was made in conjunction with "My Diaspora: Philippines" for BYOA [Bring Your Own Art] event in Fillmore Center on June 12.

The theme for the showcase is "Your Diaspora." The word diaspora means a group's migration or flight from a country or region. With that being said, this image here is made with my mom's hand. After asking her briefly of her migration story of how she ended up here in Daly City/San Francisco, she mentioned that she first went to Illinois, then New Jersey, then New York, until finally settling here in the Bay Area. If you look closely, all four states are represented in the images.

The idea of using the hand shows the hardship endured. We all work and we all use our hands. I purposely put America's side on the palm of the hand because it shows that hardship endured--the roughness, wrinkles, calluses.

Yes, I am fortunate to be in America but from what I've learned, you must constantly work.

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