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Monday, June 23, 2008

Photoshoot: DJ Busy B

Remember the concept images for DJ Busy B last month? Well, I finally got the chance to have a photoshoot with DJ Busy B with the magician theme in mind.

[Sidenote: My girlfriend asked at the shoot "So.. why the magician theme again?" I replied: "Well, he's a DJ.. I'm sure he spins the the records magically." And to add onto that, DJs in my view, if they're good that is, have this ability to put a crowd in a trance-like state that keeps them moving. As a DJ, you have this capability and with music, you're performing this on going trick with that music]

We went out to San Francisco's The City Shopping Center [the one with Best Buy and Mervyn's on Masonic] to shoot at the parking lot. I originally had in mind to have the shoot using the city scape as the background but when I got there, I changed my mind and saw the loading garage gate and decided to move the shoot there. We shot well over 150+ shots and I've yet to narrow it down, but I found two images to share to show how the output will look like. When editing this morning, I decided to go along the magician theme but with a 30s-40s look to it hence the edited images.

If you glance over the concept image, there will be two records floating which I still need to do later in post-production.

I wanted that look you see in old eery and mysterious feel to the images. Jokingly with my girlfriend, I coined this look "Newold"--as in new-old feel to the images as its created now but mimics those of the past. There are plenty more to come in this style and will be making color versions, the preference of DJ Busy B.

Overall, it was a short but sweet shoot. I wish I had behind the scene photos which my girlfriend would've taken but it was so damn windy she had to hold still the light stand that held my light. But here's my equipment used listed:
  • Sony A700 DSLR with Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 lens
  • Alien Bees ABR800 with 30" Moon Unit attached [diffuser] mounted on a [cheap] lightstand
  • Lights triggered by Paul Buff's Cybersync remote control and powered by Paul Buff's Vagabond II battery

At the end, my girlfriend Cherry took some photos of us after all the equipment was teared down.

It ain't an official photoshoot if there ain't no jumping pictures. DJ Busy B's expression when he saw the photo on the camera's LCD was "What the??! I didn't even see you do that. How'd you do that?!" hahah

Look at my height clearance. I clearly practice a lot.

More images to follow once they're finalized.

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