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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Polaroid Pogo printer = posting fun.

No worries.. these stickers come out easily.

My personal logo--"jjcc" used for homemade cards and such.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Photo Concept: Hopie Spitshard: "See, Spot, Mine"

This photo concept is for emcee Hopie Spitshard--the Diamond Dame--and nothing is final. The premise is that Hopie is out in some greenery where the grass are filled with microphones. There in the distance she sees a large tree and something is glimmering in it.

She steps forward to get a better look and there in the tree amongst the leaves of microphones is a large diamond. Definitely, she must get it. Cuz well, who wouldn't?

After all the hard work of getting the diamond, she completes her day by taking it and grabbing a bite. It is this diamond that shows who she's made of.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

On Sale! eBay items listed!!

Just a head's up: posted up some items with low prices for anyone interested in either 1) a Camera, 2) a flash bracket and/or 3) wireless flash trigger.

More details:
Minolta SRT102 with 50mm 1.7 lens

First up is a Minolta SRT102 manual focus camera with a 50mm 1.7 lens. This is indeed a good camera and the reason I'm selling it is because I have the black version. So with a low bidding price, this is a good camera for anyone wanting to get a good film camera and ready to shoot. Everything works real well--shutter, aperture, meter works too [need a new battery]. Any questions about it, just ask!

Stroboframe Folding Flip

This here is Stroboframe's Folding Flip. It's a flash bracket that easily folds so you can put it into your pocket/camera bag quickly. When you want to reduce shadows/red eye, you'll need a flash bracket to put your camera onto the base and then your flash onto the top... the further the flash is from your lens, the less likely you'll produce red eye and shadows. I bought this nearly for $90 and now I'm offering it more than half off.

Here is a link to the updated one.

Wireless Studio Flash Trigger Set

Keep reading if you know what Pocket Wizard is... or keep reading if you have strobes/studio lights and need to trigger them without using sync cords.

So if you're still reading, you already know that Pocket Wizards are uber expensive.. especially for anyone who's just getting their feet wet into the whole wireless flash scene and not wanting to spend over $300 to do so.

These things simply plug into your studio flash and then put this remote trigger shown above onto your hotshoe and wallah! Presto! You can trigger your lights wireless easily from 40' of where your flashes are.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Want to Publish Something? How About for Free?

Issuu allows you to do just that. Visit their website, upload a PDF file [which should include the front cover, contents, and back cover] and in minutes.. wala! You'll have your book/portfolio/brochure/info/magazine/etc online looking like a magazine that visitors can "flip" through. Check it out and I'm sure you'll find a use for this.

For example, I posted up both books I published this summer with Lulu. Link below:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Polaroid... Is Back?! - Polaroid Pogo Review

No, I didn't receive a test unit of this or anything like that.. and I'm usually not an early adopter of new technology. But I did feel enticed to pick up Polaroid's new mini photo printer called the Polaroid Pogo.
I picked it up on July 15 at Best Buy with a retail price of $149.99. I was able to get it cheaper for $134.99 since it was an open unit but decided to return it and just get a new unit [Price difference after exchanging it was less than $20 anyways].

Remember the instand Polaroid cameras that you had to shake the square format? [Actually, you really weren't suppose to shake it.. although it seemed you had to]. Well, ever since Polaroid embraced digital, it's still putting out its flair back into the instant prints.
The printer itself uses NO ink but instead HEAT. That being said, the paper itself, albeit small at 2x3", contains the ink which was produced by a company called Zink [Zero Ink.. get it? yyea ok]. Packs of paper are sold in two quantities: 10 pack for $3.99 and 30 pack for $9.99. I opt for 30 pack since it brings the paper cost from $.39 to about $.33. Oh, and cool thing about each print is that you can peel off the paper in the back and it becomes an instant sticker. I already posted up random pictures at Irving St. in SF after eating at a place there. It's cool to leave a mark.

The printer itself: Black trimmed with silver. One USB port, one button, and two LED lights indicating the power is on and if it's busy.

Close up of the main button, USB port, and LED indicators. Two ways you can print photos: 1) Bluetooth: easily pare up your device, enter the security code: 6-0-0-0, and send it to the printer or 2) Pictbridge: connect your camera view USB and send it to the printer.

The front side of the printer that spits out the little 2x3 photos. Zink logo right on there. Prints come out in about 60 seconds.

The other side of the printer which contains the port to recharge the unit. The battery I assume is replaceable since you can take it out [it's the size of a matchbox]. It's reported you can get 15 photos printed and then the battery dies out. A full charge is about 2 hours.

Printer open to place the paper face up. Each paper pack comes with a blue "index" card that I guess calibrates the printer to print. It says on this blue card [bar codes and all on it] that the printer won't operate unless it's fed into it.

Comes with the recharger but geez.. look at the size of it!

Just a comparison of the power brick and the Pogo Printer.

Size comparison: Pogo printer and my business card. Yep, it's THAT small.

Here are two prints from the first [open boxed] printer I bought. You can see right away the picture of my mom on the top has this weird saturated coloring and on mine, you can see banding on the photo.

But when I did replace the printer, the photos are a bit better. But don't expect perfect flesh tones and accurate colors. Think of this as really the new Polaroid print... unexpected saturated colors with imperfect photos in general. I'd say its imperfections in terms of image quality is aesthetically cool.

So in conclusion, it's a great printer no doubt it. How many times do people print their photos? Not alot. How many times do people print 4x6 or even 5x7s? Not so much... and sure nuff you can't stick em in your wallet or anything.

Yes yes.. I undertand that in this day of age of technology you can just put photos onto your iPhone or leave it in your pocket camera which you prolly keep in your pocket anyways. But to hold a photo in your hand is still cool. This printer brings back the forgotten physical prints which has been replaced with LCD screens and computer monitors.

For me, this unit is worth it because I say I can definitely use this at shoots: after a shoot is done, I'd take a few photos with the person[s], print out a photo and give to them with a business card. They'll remember it, keep it, stick it somewhere. A printed photo never goes to a trash can.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Polaroid Pogo Printer

Bought the Polaroid Pogo printer (opened) at Best Buy and just tried it. First impression: very small and convenient. So I definitely wouldn't mind bringing this along shoots just to show people in print. About image quality, I'd say it's subpar.. There's this blue tint on the top and so maybe that's why the person returned it. If this issue doesn't resolve, ill return it too.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mom Too Can Play Guitar Hero

After watching me play the past few days, I thought I'd let her know why it's a pretty cool game. So here she is holding the guiatar and playing for the first time.

I let her learn by going through game's tutorial and then let her try an easy song in practice mode.. set on "slow" so she can get a hang of it easily.

And yea, this is around 1:40am [she gets home by 12:20am from work].

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Beginning Photography" Now Available!

Beginning Photography: Westlake Elementary School 2008
$12.93 + Shipping!

Beginning Photography: George Washington Elementary School 2008
$9.33 + Shipping!

Just finished finalizing the book and it is now ready to be purchased on!!

New Business Cards [Revised]

Front Side of New Business Card

Here is the front side of my new business card. It's something totally different from my other ones [when I'm not lazy, I'll scan my old business card as well as my current one]. If anything, it's something different from any other business cards.

There's no jC Photography logo or title that states who I am and what I do. There's no photo[s] like my other business cards had. Instead, the front side simply states what this card is and why the receiver has it in his/her hand.

It reads:
"Chances are, you're holding this because I gave it to you. Chances are, you're interested in my work. Chances are, I want you to be interested. Chances are I'll hear from you soon. Or later. (Or never). But never leave it to chance if we are to work together in the future. Contact me."

Just like the original post below, the text is hand drawn using a tablet and the the background is a scanned image of my gridded Moleskine notebook.

A heads up, I plan to facelift my website and its theme will tie in with my business card. ;)

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Business Cards [Proof]


Decided to redo my business card since the first one was well... old. I'd post it up but can't find the file at the moment. But for those who have it or seen it, it was an all black card which had my jC logo on front as well as the image "Eyedentity" on front [the one were a camera obscures my face].

Anyways, I was in the mood to redo my card since my uncle asked if I can redo his for this realty business.

I decided to go through with this hand drawn theme since I do write a lot in my Moleskine notebook..either writing notes or coming up with new concepts for photography. So naturally, the background is a scan of my gridded Moleskine notebook. The front with the camera picture is hand drawn by me and so is the text on the back.

I'm still considering changing the front to some text I'll write instead of the picture. I'm still working on what to write there but when I do come up with it, I'll post another version of the card here.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Limited Preview: "Beginning Photography: Westlake 2008"


Following the "George Washington" edition, Beginning Photography: Westlake 2008 is up here for grabs for a special preview. The actual .PDF here is a proof for the book that will be published very soon. After working on this book for several days, I finally finished the layout for the book. Because there are 11 student photographers in this school [compared to George Washington's 6], there are more photos and more pages. I'm proud of all these students as their pictures represent their creative dive into photography and art.

With that being said, feel free to download the digital copy of this book and enjoy! Don't be shy either to drop a message or comment back to me with your thoughts.

Here are some excerpt pages of the book:

The download link [via]

Happy 4th of July!

For 4th of July, my girlfriend and I headed to the The Cannery in San Francisco [right near Ghirardelli Square]. Damn, we look hella short compared to this guy near us while walking down.

That green dot on my forhead is a flare. Not a booger or anything green of that matter.

We saw a good handful of street artists doing their thang of caricatures and quick portraits.

So we decided to get one for ourselves and this guy talked us into it basically... saying how ue's been drawing for more than 15 years [he later on said 50 after he was done], and that he was a "real artist who does real art... not caricatures like those others out there." Well, he only charged us $10 for both of us [usually it's $10/person so we said heck why not].

Although Cher had a hard time sitting still, he managed to draw a good portrait of her.

It was my turn and I agree with Cher.. it was kinna an odd feeling just looking at someone and trying hard not to move. It's like playing a staring contest and always winning because the artist looks down to draw.

I think you'd agree that this brief photo does capture us.

The artist himself taking a picture with us. Right afterwards, I say "I'm going to give you free press."

"THIS IS THE BEST GUY TO GET A CARICATURE.. err DRAWING!!!!" I shouted outloud to the people in the streets.

hahah.. I messed up! He just had that little shpiel of how dislikes caricatures and that his work are drawings. =/

Wouldn't be a day complete without taking an airborne picture. For some odd reason, Cher had a hard time taking a good jumping pic of me but this was the best outta the bunch. I'm continously working on my jumping picture.. but I was able to measure how high I could jump--I can clear that plant thingy right next to me, which is probably close to 4 feet[?]

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

View from Giants' Game

My cousin invited me to watch the Giants game tonight vs. Cubs. His boss gave him tickets and we (total of 4 of us) are seated about 10 rows from the floor! Although as of now, Giants aint doing so good missin opportunities early! All good, garlc fries and beer offsets it.