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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Iso's first Dr.'s Visit

On Thursday. August 28, my girlfriend and I went to SF SPCA to adopt a cat for me and my mom. While there, we went around the many "condos" they had for the cats and dogs and first cat we went into was Ralph's room, a tabby-white mixed cat. Susan, one of the volunteers over there introduced us to him and he quickly learned to like me and Cherry. We spent a few minutes with him and then headed out to the other cats. Although we looked at other cats, we decided to go with Ralph (along with Susan's persuasive skills hehe). We took him home and along the way we started thinking of names. I finally settled on Iso, which is photo related (ISO is the speed of film). Hehe So welcome to Iso to the family to join us and Ripley, my 10 yr old iguana.

1 comment:

den said...

nice! how old is Iso? And what made you want to get a cat?