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Monday, September 15, 2008

Book Signing: Danica McKellar [from The Wonder Years] "Kiss My Math"

So.... this book... isn't for me. "Kiss My Math," written by actress and mathematician Danica McKellera [aka. Winnie from The Wonder Years] wrote this for teens.. more like for girl teens to help them out in math. But hey, a photo/autograph/meeting opp should never be missed, right?

Kiss My Math.
I always get nervous as far as what to say/ask in these book signings. So I decided to ask, "Was it hard choosing this major over acting? And what did your friends think of it?" She answered that it was very difficult to choose but once she knew she was good in math, she decided to major in it. And how many years here she is, a second time author of a New York Bestselling book.

This time around there was minimal awkwardness. She asked who is Cherry and I said that's my girlfriend and JJ.. that's uhm.. me. hahah

That dude in the back... happens to be a Borders employee but come on man, get out of the pictures! You're giving Danica an extra head for crying out loud!

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