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Friday, September 26, 2008

Christmas Wish List: Canon G10

Photo courtesy of from their Photokina 2008 coverage.

Freshly announced in Photokina 2008, Canon will be releasing an upgrade to their popular G9 semi-pro compact camera. There are some minor cosmetic changes but they also upped the megapixel count from 10 to 14.7! [Megapixels are getting higher and higher.. meaning they just eat up memory cards like cake!]

Photo courtesy of from their Photokina 2008 coverage.

Why would I want this when I have a DSLR?

Well, for one, it's not that big to take around. I also wouldn't have to compromise image quality when getting a compact digital camera.

But the coolest part: I can use these with my strobes to take shots with incredibly fast shutter speeds. [I'm going to get geeky here:] On my DSLR that I use for my shoots, I have a shutter speed that will only sync at 1/125. With this camera [and because of its shutter mechanism], I can take a photo with 1/2000. That means I can stop just about anything in all its crispness! [Water droplets, action shots like my famous jumping shots] But that means I can shoot studio shots with a shallow depth of field for more creative options when shooting with strobes.

I also would want it because caman now.. look at it. It's a beautiful beast.

Ok, I'm down with geeking out. But definitely, this is an amazing camera/tool to be used.

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