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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Academy of Sciences, San Francisco - A Visual Tour

What are the chances that the weather be so friggin nice in SF on a January-still-wintery-day? Well I'd say slim but damn did it feel good to lay on the grass.
I told my girlfriend I'd be a good model. Case in point.
Lunch was brought by me: homemade sandwhiches--pastrami and provolone laid on romaine lettuce in between wheat bread. The best part is the fresh spread I prepared: bell peppers, bread, walnuts, olive oil, cumin powder, salt and pepper. Yum-O. And oh, cold Dr. Pepper too.
We begin our journey.
The first stop were the African penguins. They're attention seeking missles. Kept going by the pane and making all the kids cheer and excited.
Remember that hall when you were a kid? Well it's reincarnated for sure.
The living rooftop as they call it [i believe]. All California native plants planted on the roof making it a comfortable home for birds and butterflies to whizz by. These windows provide natural sunlight for the building as well as heating/cooling.
My girlfriend said the place looks like a skeleton. It's very silver steel indeed. But all materials are recycled to keep up with the green movement.
That dome is the state of art digital planeterium. Crazy ass show indeed with the screen as large as your eyes can see. You really have to turn your head in each direction to see what's coming.
Enter the Rainforest. Humid and all but a wondrous land.
The architecture is amazing here: mixing metal and earth is very pleasing here.
She really didn't touch it. We pretend.
Before you leave they make sure there's no 'flies on you. It's funny because people automatically pat themselves down as if they'd feel them on them. And even if they did, they'd pretty much kill them. We're automatic it's so funny.
People sit too long and don't give up their seats.
Right across is De Young. San Francisco makes visiting places quite easy.
This lady at first was posing right in front of this. My girlfriend and I wanted to take our pics but she just stood there. So I ended up taking photos of her until she moved.
Our souveneer was quite unrelated: astronaut ice cream. My first time ever tasting this treat.
I said "Wow. That's reeeally good!"
My teeth blanketed with the melt in your mouth ice cream.
We done did it.

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