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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Copy and Paste

At 8:45a, I head over to Java Beach Cafe right in front of Ocean Beach [SF] with my cousin for our "laptop sessions." These sessions basically alot each other time to be productive--doing whatever what we need to do. We're in each other's presence but barely interfere with each other. Weird. I know.
This time around though I brought my stack of magazines. I think I brought about 15 or so--mainly photography magazines. Ever since I've subscribed to magazines I've taken the time to take notes from particular articles or at least jot down names of photographers or any notable products.
I don't know how much I wrote into my Moleskine notebook [get one btw. you just got to. feels great. really] but I damn well know I put in a lot of valuable information on photography, relations, tips, etc.
A small snip of the stack of mags I brought to the spot.
As you can see, I take note photographers and their websites.

Now why again? Magazines take too much space. Solution? Write down in a handy dandy notebook the things that are important. Next thing you know, you'll have in your hands a priceless notebook containing countless information and most importantly inspiration.

check out my cousin's blog for the review of Java Beach House coming soon at

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Fascinating that you do that, because in the interest of saving space I started cutting/pasting pictures out of fashion magazines. They become collages in my own journal which (I know you will disapprove) is not a Moleskin. Anywho, congrats on another productive day at Java!