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Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Need a Bigger Shelf.

Thanks Catherinee for the wonderful Christmas gift.
Read it in 3 days. Truly inspiring. And did I mention the person who I sat with in the plane coming back to SFO from LAS got Annie to photograph her [model] book? Nice.
Smithsonian's take.
This book I've been looking for quite awhile. Frida Kahlo's dad Guillermo Kahlo was a photographer in Mexico and was commissioned to photograph the monuments and places of Mexcio. It's been selling on eBay for under $100 but I waited and got it directly from Mexico.. and bought TWO of them for the price of one. Shrink wrapped and all. I opened one and the other I'm saving. Supposedly, only 2000 were in print. I want to believe that so it makes it even more special.

George Lois. You've seen his work but just don't know. Famous for his Esquire covers. Google this genius.

He has a book published by Taschen that is selling right now for $4000. Seriously. This? It's a snippet of his work and it only costed me $10.
My favorite artist.

The oversized books are not here. Instead, they're on the floor. One day, I will get those shelves that line the walls from floor to ceiling. That's sweetness for my personal collection. [I have photography instruction books but that's not included/counted in my personal book collection].

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