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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sydnie's 18th Birthday Dinner Party

photos by jj casas

My friend asked if I can cover his younger sister's 18th Birthday dinner and so I did. It was held at MC Skewer Sushi & Grill in Daly City. It's basically an upscale buffet [around $25/person!]

SI = St. Ignatius. It was nice seeing the younger generation from my high school all bond and such. I saw my other friend's younger brother and he has his own "SI Boys" like us. Cutes.

The celebrant and I. The entire night, I bugged her and she avoided me and asked why I had to take her picture and I said, "Well, I was hired to do so."

My face was stuffed with food. Can you tell? [photo taken by Cherrymae Jumoc]

That's my friend's younger brother. Man do they remind me of my own boys. Fun times indeed--brought me back to high school for a good 2.5 hours.


Catherine said...

Sydnie and Dedrick are all grown up. *tear*

Oh, and for my birthday... I would love if you followed me around with a camera. :)

mark lawrence said...

Happy to see this wonderful birthday party. I am very happy to see everyone enjoying the birthday party. I am also planning my niece’s birthday party at one of event space San Francisco and thinking of having a tangled themed party. She will love it for sure.