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Thursday, February 5, 2009

01/24/09: Patience

End of January, I had a last minute call to do a photoshoot alongside a MUA. I decided to go despite the drive [El Cerrito = crossing Bay Bridge from Daly City]. Anyways, my friend Steph [who I met on Ilaw's radio show] has had this model and organized a day for a shoot. She herself was the creative director and already something in mind and needed a photographer and make up artist to execute it.
My main lighting set up was using one large octobox [56" diameter]. I really wished I brought my reflector but they turned out well. Background was the house's wall. haha.
We had 3 warddrobe changes but my favorite were the clean headshots.
Here's patience rocking the sweater and tights she actually refused to wear. haha. Steph basically forced her against her will.

This is my other fav shot. And another shot where a reflector would've really benefited this shot in particular. Note to self: keep reflector in car's trunk.

Now for some behind the scene shots:
Lea applying makeup. When I arrived at the scene, Patience was almost done and I couldn't help but crack a joke saying "You must have patience for sitting for awhile" or something like that. Lame. I know.
I need to work more with MUA like Lea. Makes photographing portraits easier and definitely better.
Steph, Lea, and Patience.
I asked Steph to take a few shots of me as well in the scene and here I am waiting... patiently. Ok, I'll stop.
Here is the main light: a 56" octobox triggered wirelessly. Photos shot with Sony a700 + 50mm lens.
Retouch. We did eat pizza like 10 minutes into the shoot and went back at it.
Lea, me, Patience, and Steph. Done deal!


Smart said...

Gorgeous! Beautiful work. JJ shoots people. foreal. haha get it. Cheers!

JJ Casas | jC Photography said...

haha i do do. Thanks for leaving a comment and checking out my blog! I have no idea who views this so it's good to see comments once in awhile!