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Friday, February 27, 2009

Just Recieved: Moleskine x Helvetica Limited Edition

It's a good thing I answered the doorbell because I just missed the postman delivering me this package and if I did miss it, I'd have to pick it up in the post office.

Ordered about 2 weeks ago and it just arrived from Hong Kong.

The glory of unboxing a fresh product.

Do the math. I didn't spend $258 for this.
There's a limited run of these [500 produced by Japanese degsigners GROOVISIONS and only sold in Asia]. There are two versions, the red [which I have right here] and a black one.

I've loved Moleskines since I don't know when and ever since I got into design, I've bumped into the very popular/used/exposed typeface Helvetica. I watched a friggin documentary too that's entitled Helvetica! Even if you're not a graphic designer, it's pretty interesting to see this typeface everrrrywhere.

Love it. And oh, being that paid more than I should for this aaand being only 500 made, I'm probably not going to open it. But if I ever do, whatever I write in it better be damn genius.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey JC, i'm going to get the black one tomorrow. I live in Hong Kong so theres a retailer, i hope there will still be some left (: