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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuttimelon @ Irving [between 22nd and 23rd]

Despite the cold and rain prone weather of San Francico, I was craving for some froyo.
Called baby girl and here we are finding ourselves inside this small gem of froyo-ness. They don't have much froyo flavors to choose from but I usually stick with the original as the base. There's a bunch of toppings though to compensate for their lack o flavors. As for prices, I don't remember but for 1 small + 1 topping and 1 medium + 2 toppings it came out just under $8.50. I'd agree that it's kinna pricey.
A friend of mine, Nate V, orders his with kiwi and mochi but I decided to go with my favorite strawberries.
She got the froyo with mandarin oranges.
Spoonful of delight.
Despite getting what I wanted, I've been craving some good hotdogs on a bun with crazy toppings so we're gonna head to Underdog this Friday. From what I've read on Yelp, it looks pretty darn good. I'll write a review shortly my hotdogful experiene.

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