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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Underdog (1634 Irving between 17th and 18th Ave)

So I accidentally deleted the store front. But for a quick pic of that [and other reviews], refer to its Yelp page. Or, go to their MySpace page. Either way, here are pics inside the small shop. This lady, Rizza, was quite friendly already and she asked "Should I smile for the cam?" and she did when I snapped another.
The small shop is littered with cool posters on its walls. It'll keep you interested while waiting for your dogs to be ready.
He knows what I mean.
While you're waiting, you can flip through their books displayed. Or buy? Wasn't sure.
Here's my dog: the fire-roasted red pepper which was $3.89 and my girlfriend got the roasted garlic herb for the same price. And I almost forgot, this hot dog joint serves organic meat and vegan sausages. They also have other small items which we didn't get and even make their own organic drinks which we have to try next time.
We forgot to add the condiments since we were bound to go home to watch some Scrubs ala DVD so we cut up our own onions and put some ketchup on it.
Let me say that this hot dog in itself is my favorite--LOOK: pieces of jalapenos INSIDE the dog. And for my girlfriend's, you guessed it: pieces of garlic inside. Damn that's good. Can't wait next time to put some sauerkraut, relish, ketchup, mustard and even more hot sauce.

I know I know, Costco's dogs are quite a steal since it includes a drink all for under $2 [right?] but when it comes to going to a place and not a warehouse, Underdog deserves to be visited to satisfy that hot dog craving. Even if you don't, take time to look around the shop and you'll find something interesting for sure.

Price: $$
Parking: Not in the busy area of Irving so it shouldn't be that bad.
Goodness: 4/5

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