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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I started teaching again for the Daly City after school program and these are the first batch of photos of the kids after teaching them the basics. So far into the week they've learned: how a camera works, definitions of shutter, aperture, rule of thirds, how to take macro [close up] shots, and for this class they learned how to take portraits.

We used natural light [my rules once handling the camera: camera strap on wrists at all times and turn off flash!] and encourage them to go up close for the portraits with their feet and not using the zoom.

The portraits turned out really nice utilizing the classroom's door as the background and natural light.

I guess they went too close.

Part of the portrait exercise was to show three emotions: happiness, anger, and sadness. I encouraged them to go over the top.

Probably one of my favs for this [last] week's shoot: Christine's happy look has a bit of surprise in it. haha

They asked me to pose as well.

Because these pics were from last week, today actually was another class and we took action shots. I'll post some when I can. Classes end in 3 weeks and we only meet once a week so it's really a fast class.

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