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Friday, March 20, 2009

Krispy Kreme, Blankets, and a Scorpian Lollipop.

This morning, my cousin and I headed out to Haight to pass out blankets [for his birthday, he requested blankets instead of regular gifts]. Before going, we got 1 donut each glazed Krispy's. When it's freshly fried and dunked into the glaze, it is joy.
I think there were about 7 blankets we passed in total... many were given by friends and family members [my mom alone gave him like 4?!]
There was just one person who said he didn't need one. Otherwise, it was me who passed em out while my cousin pulled over to ask the persons if they needed one.
Afterwards we go to Academy of Sciences and we go straight ahead to the rain forest. 45 minute wait! Ugh. Yet, we found its worth once we stepped inside. I like how parents bring their kids along... those kids better remember! I vaguely remember my trip to Academy of Sci when I was young... I do remember it was just a field trip and the dioramas. That's it!

My cousin used my 10% and bought this scorpian 'pop that I dared him to get. LIVE IT BUZZED I said!So on the way home, he worked at it while driving.
He would tell me periodically "Oh! There's a leg!" while chewing on it. hahah
The remnants: finally back at the house he eats it and I did record video for him since I think he plans to post it on his blog.

"Hmm.. taste like crispy fish"

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