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Monday, March 23, 2009

Project: "Writing Right"

A couple of weeks ago, I made an observation that almost everybody writes differently and that there certainly a right way to write. For the sake of curiosity, I asked friends and family to hold up pen so I can see if my observation was correct and most of the time I was. There are certainly subtle differences and thought it would be a cool project to take on.

The first photo here is of my mom with her newly painted nails.
This is my hand and many are wowed when I show them how I write. I make "pinchers" while holding a pen. :shrug:

Set up for these shots:
  • one AB400 set to 1/2 power shot through 42" white translucent umbrella approx. 1 ft away from hand to create large and soft light source
  • 1/125 shutter, f/11
First up is my family and I'll move on to friends who are interested in joining. I'll probably include a quick note made by the pictured writer to show their handwriting that comes from their particular hold.


ek said...

hey! I hold my pen like that most of the time as well! people do think it's strange though.
Nice work on the random stuff on the street project. I did something similar in my town a while back. There is one weekend when everyone puts all their junk out on the street for the council to take away so I went out and took photos of it all.

jjasef said...

hey ek! thanks for taking a look! yea i find it quite interesting how people hold their pen/cils.. so hopefully this summer i can get this project going