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Saturday, April 11, 2009

SF Japantown: Cherry Blossom Festival (St. Mary's Volunteer)

Today was the start of SF's Cherry Blossom Festival at Japantown. I signed up weeks ago to be a Blood Pressure screener which will count for my clinical hours.

The first "shift": Me, Michelle, and Jill.
Ruth, an RN from St. Mary's Hospital, volunteers annually.
My set up: bad photo because that actual blood pressure reading is skyrocketing high haha
Free t-shirt and nifty ID holder [can stuff money, ID/Bus pass and pen loops in back.
Free lunch! Bento box had salmon terayaki, seaweed salad, egg, fried potato hash brown-like thing, and some random veggies that I didn't know what they're called. I just ate it all.
After my shift*, I walked around a bit and had plenty of goodies around. Unfortunately [or fortunately], I didn't have enough cash to buy anything.
Can't be at a cherry blossom festival without seeing some.

* Thanks to my friend Ghia who spotted my typo. It originally read "After my shit, I walked around a bit..." hahah! Nice find.


Chrisy said...

Nice pictures! What camera were you using?

JJ Casas | jC Photography said...

Hey Chrisy: I actually have been using a point and shoot lately that I keep in my pocket most of the time. It's a Sony W120 but I edit them later in Adobe Lightroom.

I have a website you can check out:

Thanks for taking a look!