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Friday, May 29, 2009

Photoshoot: Graduation Photos for Emmeline [05/27/09]

A roommate of Mel. Em asked if I can take her photos when I stopped by their apartment to take Mel's headshots with her cap and gown. I've known Em since freshman year [among our group of our annual Kris Kringle group] and it's great to see her don the cap and gown for her graduation.

I'm sure she won't miss these steps from Lone Mountain. No matter how many classes I have there, I dont think I've ever gotten use to climbing those steps!

"Walk... ok... smile..." We both laughed since it is awkward to walk down and pretend you're not being photographed. haha

Here we go to Golden Gate's Music Concourse. Unfortunately it was under construction so I couldn't get a clean body shots since you can see the tractors/yellow tape.

Overcast days = lovely black and white conversions.

A quick shot at Academy of Sciences--using my membership to good use for sure.

Probably one of my favorite sequences. This here is my usual close up shots with my 50mm 1.7 lens and when I said "Breathe through your mouth" I didn't know I'd get Em to start laughing away. haha

Congrats again Em!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photoshoot: Graduation Photos for Jensine [05/17/09]

My friend Jensine asked to do her grad photos and I've actually photographed her in addition to her sorority sisters as well about a year and half ago.

This is taken at Parina Lounge in USF with the freshly updated mural.

This was a surprise place to photograph. The new Kalmonovitz Hall has this frosted roof that provides great natural light.

A great close up of Jensine using the 50mm portrait lens with a shallow depth of field.

This was the frosted roof I was talking about (Ok. Maybe it's not "frosted" but I don't know how else to describe it).

Yes. This is in the library. And yes, this was taken amidst finals week. Luckily, no one was downstairs looking for books but we were both laughing because out of all the aisles I've chosen, I chose an aisle that one of the library workers was restocking the books at.

Thanks Jensine for the shoot and Congrats Grad!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Photoshoot: Graduation Photos for Melissa [05/20/09]

My main marketing has been word of mouth since I couldn't go all out due to finals. But ever since I started doing grad photo sessions, friends whom I have taken have told others or somehow other people have heard about it and have called me to book a session. Since then, I have booked 8 sessions and Mel was a result of that word of mouth marketing. After she learned that her boyfriend Jay was taking some, she asked if she too can have a session.

These headshots were taken at her apartment before heading out to Alamo Square in San Francisco.

My first time really taking photos here but good thing we arrived early around 10:30am since this is a popular tourist spot in San Francisco. Ever heard of the Painted Ladies? How about that scene from Full House? Anyways, by the time we were done many tourists were there taking photos.

Mel and the Painted Ladies.

One of my favorite photos from the set. This is Mel walking past the Ladies [numerous times].

Mel's practice walk. Funny when people watch the photoshoot since they see a young woman in a grad grown and when they see me across the street they figure "Oh ok... it's for her photos." haha

Thanks for the 'shoot Mel! Happy Graduation!

Photoshoot: Lauren (05/17/09)

I asked my classmate Lauren [from my Ethics class in USF] if she'd like to take photos ( I didn't know any other way to ask so I just asked plainly). I mentioned she would have a photogenic face and she agreed to do a 'shoot [despite it being the weekend before finals].

She didn't have a white wall to take simple headshots so instead we used her "Wall of Guys" that I named.

My try to Annie Leibovitz' simple one-light lighting. KIS! Keep It Simle.

After taking some shots with my one-light set up, we opened up the blinds to let the nice sun in and these natural shots stand on its own compared to the light set up.

We headed down Geary not too far from campus since there was this building with murals I saw thanks to Google Maps Streeview.

With the sun almost backlighting these shots, the lighting looks great as the hair is really highlighted. This is a close up of her and her really great set of eyelashes.

Natural light at work.

A black and white conversion as she was walking down.

This here is my favorite shot from the outdoor set. You can't tell from here, but right next to her is the busy Geary Blvd. with cars whizzing past. Not to mention, it was the Bay to Breakers running event so there were some interesting people walking past.

Anyways, I digress. This is when natural light can really be best lighting gear a photographer can have. Partly diffused by the overhead trees, the light was just bright enough to add that nice hairlight and not too overpowering to cast a shadow on her face.

Thanks Lauren for being up for the shoot!

Photoshoot: Graduation Photos for Jay [05/15/09]

One of my friends from USF [after hearing I shot Kimi and Lib's grad photos] asked if I can do his. After we shot a few from his house for his "formal" grad pic headshots, we headed to Golden Gate Park which is literally down the street from his house.

Overcast day provided some good even lighting in the park albeit a bit too cool. Despite that, I processed these photos [for my liking] with a desaturated look.

Probably one of my favs out of the Golden Gate Park set.

I've known Jay since our freshman year and have always hung out for our annual Kris Kringle parties and the occassional Smash Bro's game on the Wii/N64. We still need to have a basketball rematch by the way! haha

Jay looking very small compared to the park. Regardless, he got a whole new world ahead of him. Congrats on graduating!

And oh, the first photo on this entry? He ordered a 20x30 photo of it assuming for his grad party! Thanks again for the shoot!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Libety [Print Orders]

If you didn't guess already, Liberty and Kimi had their photoshoot together. So while they were same locations, I tried using different views of the area to not be so alike. This picture is the one Liberty chose for some of her wallets.

This photo was taken at Lone Mountain's study hall [ I forgot the actual name ].

Strobe with small white umbrella on camera left triggered wirelessly via onboard flash.

Probably one of my favorites in the shoot. Liberty asked "Hey, can I throw my hat?" while whispering. So we took about 4-5 shots with me whispering "Ok! 1..2...3.. go!" and this is my best shot of it.

Thanks Lib for the 'shoot and hope you and your family and friends enjoy the prints!

Kimiko [Print Orders]

Completed the picture order for my friend Kimiko and here's the main picture she ordered for her wallets to be included in invitations and/or thank you cards for her graduation party.

Picture taken using natural light with silver reflector on camera right to brighten the shadows.

Another picture chosen for wallets and same set up as above.

Taking a break from smiling directly at the camera.

Thanks again Kimi for the shoot! Hope you and those receiving those pictures enjoy it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Photoshoot: Kimiko and Liberty @ USF [Graduation Photos]

This shoot was for my two friends from USF [Nursing]. Since they asked me to take their photos, I had them return the favor by taking photos of me when they were waiting to be photographed.

This is one shot of the behind the scenes of us taking photos at Lone Mountain's study hall. It had to be my most quiet photoshoot ever since people were studying and I had to whisper directions to Kim and Lib.

We ended up using the same setting for the both of em and just tried to rush through since I felt bad we were filling the quiet hall with zoom noises, clicks, and flash recharging noises.

For the first half of my student nursing career, I hung out with these two the most. We studied for quizzes and tests most of the time until I slipped in my grade for one class so I'm a semester behind. =/ All good and congrats to my friends in the Summer 09 graduating class!

Photo of Lib at Study Hall.

Photo of Kimi taken at the School of Nursing building on campus.

Headshot of Kimi using natural light [and post processing].

Photo of Lib with the same set up as above.

Thanks you two for the shoot!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Adding Onto My Book Collection

I subscribe to many blogs via Google Reader and one of them is SevenEight, a wedding stationary shop. They post not just wedding related material but also great design bits.

One of them is in their latest entry featuring designer Darren Hagger, a designer and art director. On his website, he features many of the book covers he has done and directed and this one simply caught my eye. The book is Brand Hijack: Marketing Without Marketing by Alex Wipperfurth and I know you're not suppose to judge a book by it's cover but this is simply awesome. It goes well with the mantra of good design is less design.

Read a few reviews on Amazon and bought in "good condition" for $5.61. Good buy and I just hope it's a best buy when the book itself lives up to its customers reviews.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family's Reponse to Manny's Knockout

All the family cheering for Manny. Who said television doesn't bring the family together anymore?

I wanted to get a pic within the celebration. My girlfriend is still caught up on results on TV.

Last Pacqiao fight, I won the round lottery pool of $60. My cousin organized it in which everyone drops $5 and picks randomly from a hat a piece of paper with the round written on it. If the fight ends on that round, you automatically win--no matter which fighter wins. This time around though, my girlfriend won the pool.

Who would've thought though: Knockout 2nd Round with 2:59 on the clock.

Had a bunch of family at cousin's house to watch Manny Pacqiao's fight against Ricky Hatton and we were all going nuts because we [like other people] were expecting a long hard fight between the two. The video explains it all.