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Friday, September 25, 2009

San Francissco 45th Annual Book Sale at Fort Mason Festival Pavillion

Arrived 2:30pm at Fort Mason's Festival Pavillion.

And then bam! 300,000+ books, movies, CDs, and all that good stuff. Best part? All books were priced $2-5. The Kicker? All books will be $1 on Sunday [09/27]

My girlfriend and I check out books. She got herself a Photoshop Tips and Tricks book for $3 and other books for friends.

Well what do you know?! My friend Apol aka Apollo Style was among the books!

There were far too many books but luckily they organize the place in easy to find categories. There was even a section on Math. Skip!

My treasured find among the lottery amount of books: Annie Leibovitz Photographs. Her first published book! $5 Woo hoo!

My other friends are all relating to art/photography as well:
- Andy Warhol: The Philosophy of Andy Warhol ($1)
- Pricing Photography by Michael Heron and David MacTavish ($3)
- Take Better Pictures by Kodak ($3) [This is for a gift]
- The Non-Designers Design Book ($2) by Robin Williams [Another gift]

Me and my loot!

I enter the Best of the Bay section where San Francisco Public Library people put their top and expensive books and low and behold: a 1st edition Annie Leibovitz Photographs 1970-1990 signed edition!

My girlfriend knows that I wanted this... so it looks like I'm coming back for it tomorrow. =)

Another sought-after book that is out of print: The Americans by Robert Frank.

Took a quick snap of this guy while we headed out.

Today was a good day.

And so will tomorrow be when I get my hands on that signed edition.


45th Annual Big Book Sale Sept. 24-27

@ Fort Mason Festival Pavillion

2009 Big Book Sale:

Wednesday, September 23— 4-8 PM (Member Preview Sale)
Thursday, September 24—10 AM-8 PM
Friday, September 25—10 AM-8 PM
Saturday, September 26—10 AM-8 PM
Sunday, September 27—10 AM to 6 PM (All Books $1 or less!)

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