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Friday, December 4, 2009

Review Update: Apple Magic Mouse Battery Performance

Just a quick update: from my initial review of Apple's Magic Mouse on October 31, the Energizer batteries that were included finally ran out today.

Overall, short of two months usage in my view is quite lame considering the cost of batteries and so that is why after I deplete my stock of AA batteries, I will be using rechargeable batteries from here on out. I recently purchased Eneloops that will replace my year old rechargeable batteries used for my photography equipment [namely flash units] and will buy a couple of more sets to fully replace the old set.

To save money, I'll use the old set of rechargeable batteries for the Apple Magic Mouse that I use at home and the Mighty Mouse that I keep in my laptop bag on the go.

Overall, I am super happy with using my Magic Mouse because of its multi-touch capabilities [and yes, there's really more to than forward/backward web browsing--I can do 2 finger swipes in addition to left and right, up and down; 2 finger taps/clicks; 3 finger swipes left, right, up, down; 3 finger taps/clicks--and my favorite part: how the multitouch features can be be programmed to any application!]

More details soon...

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