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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Event: Macworld Expo 2010 (02/12/10: Moscone Center, San Francisco)

It was my first time [as well as my girlfriend's] to the annual Macworld Expo at San Francisco's Moscone Center. Even though Steve and Jobs and Apple weren't present, it was definitely worth visiting and seeing the plethora of Apple products.

I ain't gonna lie: I was excited when we were going down the escalator and seeing the floor.

Yes, we were there for "business" reasons. Having jC Photography on our passes was a ncie touch.

There were far too many products but I did just take a snap of a few that I liked. The photo above are the new colored match batteries from HyperMac. These are the new ones that provide charge to your burned out iPod/iPhone/Touch but they do offer the larger batteries for your MacBook/Pro.

I Woot alot [or at least check it every 10pm Pacific Time] and I'm glad to have picked up the NeatReceipts portable scanner and Mac software. I've been able to easily digitize my receipts as well as any legal sized documents and store them organized. If I need to pull up a certain document, I can search for it within the program just like how Spotlight works in OSX.

What I had on my Amazon wishlist, I just received the Blue Snowball USB microphone from my two best friends [a belated Graduation and Christmas present haha]. They had their line present and was able to ask the reps about their latest THX approved [the only of its kind] Yetti.

I had to take a picture with Word. lol He's definitely representing-both West Side and Microsoft Word!

Joby and their extensive flexible tripods. What used to be for small compacts can now accommodate DSLRs with zoom lenses and HD cameras.

Until next time Macworld!

And one more thing... while leaving and on our way for brunch at Samovar Tea Lounge, these fellas took the Parrot AR Drones for a spin!

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