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Sunday, June 13, 2010

7th Annual SF Crawfish Boil (and my girlfriend's birthday!)

Today was my girlfriend's birthday and so I took her to San Francisco's 7th annual SF Crawfish Boil that was held at Marina Green. Here she is with [expired now] ID so we can get our drink on too.

Don't we all look terribly different from our outdated ID's? hahah

We arrived around 10:40am and it was a good thing we did so. The line started to get longer by 11am [which is the time the event opens].

First hour had free beer on the house and so if we were smart enough, I would've brought my Nalgene wide mouth bottle and poured the beer inside and come back again. But for what it's worth, we got 4 cups total so not too bad to wash the goodness that was abound.

After waiting patiently for the fresh crawfish to be ready for consumption, we shout for joy as they moved that large kettle down our way. My gf and I were lucky since we were the first table to be served.

While folks around were taking pictures and in being in awe, I was prepping myself on how to grab as many as I can with the given paper plates.

Here we....
....goooo!! Damn look at that fresh goodness. This was the last photo I took, rushed it in my pocket and grabbed 2 full plates.

My haul.

After eating this goodness, I told myself I'm going to look up some creole recipes. The crawfish was so good with enough southern spices to delight. Plus, the boiled corn and potatoes were bomb!

I only got one more plate afterwards because people were being ridiculous. People were PUSHING AND SHOVING and reportedly two got into a fight and threw punches! Jeebus people, relax! While it is only food, people were upset that they couldn't much. I would be upset too since it is $25/ticket but I will say this event can use more organization in getting the food to the hands of paying [and hungry] people.

When I did get that second serving, one guy behind was elbowing out to make room so I screamed in his face: "SERIOUSLY??! YOU GONNA ELBOW ME RIGHT NOW??'' Ok, that looked intense than it really was but it was unbelievable what food + hungry paying people equate to.

My girlfriend working the little crawfish for the little meat. It does require some work to get a bit of meat!

I remembered that CheesyCam himself was gonna be here with a few of the DSLR enthusiasts to cover this event [and enjoy the crawfish too]. Check out his blog for some really great DIY projects, tips, and tutorials to get the bang out of your buck!

Afterwards, we needed some dessert and we headed to our favorite restaurant in Sausalito, Avatar's Restaurant. We came here for our favorite dessert: Avatar's Dream.

I can't even describe this dessert other than it's ice-cream like vanilla/chocolate....

...covered in pistachios resting on a sea of mango and rose syrup. I tried describing it to my best. =)


Ashok, the main guy running this place takes a pic with Cher. We've been here several times and he's always delighted to see us.

Wonderful day today [I forgot to mention how beautiful the day was! Hot day for SF] with SF Crawfish Boil, dessert at Avatar's, and my girlfriend's birthday. Yee!

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