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Monday, June 28, 2010

Ad Campaign: Molecover (The Haight, San Francisco)

Continuing the Molecover ad series, the next location MotionScope hit was The Haight in San Francisco.

If you're unfamiliar with this product, you need to know what a Moleskine is first. They are basically small pocket notebooks [but they do come in larger sizes to suit your needs], and are recognizable for their leather covers, cloth bookmark, and pocket in the back. They also have been recognized as the notebooks of artists such as Van Gough and Hemingway.

Molecovers are leather covers that go over your Moleskine to protect it but allows you to retain Moleskine's classic looks.

So enjoy the pictures below of the Molecovers set in The Haight in San Francisco.
Click the images to view a larger version!

Photography by Nicole Velazco and John Enriquez
Edited by JJ Casas

Stay tuned for the next location in this San Francisco x Molecover series!

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