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Monday, August 30, 2010

BTS: jCp Workshop

Had my first one-on-one workshop teaching photography and was even more glad that we had a model to practice my "student's" newfound skill set. This model happened to be my good friend Lauren whom I've known since high school. Special thanks to JuJu Li ( who provided terrific hair and makeup!

Above is Lauren changing shoes--the last piece to her outfit in preparation for our shoot.

Here's a pic of Diane taking various shots of Lauren as JuJu makes adjustments for Lauren.

It wouldn't be a shoot if everyone didn't have fun. While Diane took majority of the pictures, that left me making Lauren laugh to get some real nice natural shots.

Location wise, this was set at Pacifica's Rockaway Beach. Diane and I met at Nick's Restaurant (although i was the only one who ate breakfast haha) Despite it being foggy (actually a photographer's preferred shooting conditions) and windy (which made JuJu work harder) we had a good session.

Here's the group pic (left to right): Diane, JuJu, Lauren, and I before we parted ways.

Thanks again to everyone for a great session!

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