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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tanforan's Century Theatres: Harold & Kumar...

....Escape From Guantanamo Bay was hilarious!! Watched it with my cousin and the people behind "Lumpia." I didn't even see the first one and this movie was just funny the entire time. Rated R and I couldn't believe someone brought his kid to see it! They sat one row behind and all I remember hearing was "What's that?" The dad would reply "It's nothing....don't worry about it" Jeez!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

She's my girlfriend

I haven't posted in awhile with my phone...but thought I'd introduce you to my girlfriend Cherry. This was taken last night @ what used to be Tito Rey's in Daly City. It was her dad's retirement dinner and so it was a good night of food, San Miguel beer and dancing til the midnight.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Remember when you spelled like this?

This is my nephew Angelo's handwriting. I guess he was practicing his penmanship and also writing down all his friends. I remember in grammar school that we used to get graded for our handwriting! Even forced us to write cursive, get graded for that, and then bring our overall grade down. I don't know if teachers still grade kids' penmanship, but that sucks though to fail that subject.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Red Zone Parking

When I left this morning to leave for a class, I found a note on my windshield (and I know which neighbor). The note, handwritten by a woman I presume, said: "Why are you blocking my driveway? A red zone parking violation costs $50. Can u effort this?" EFFORT?? Well, I wrote back on the same note circling the word "effort" and wrote "afford." I also wrote "I dont' see a problem that you can't get out of your driveway." Oh neighbors.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My New Basketball Shoes

First off, I'm not fond with buying Nike or any other cool looking expensive shoes. I've had Converse Chucks since high school and other non-basketball non-designer shoes (except for some slip-on Pumas and my girlfriend's gift of Nike Air Force's). Anywhoo, problem with my previous shoe was that it just wasn't a good this morning I went out with a budget in mind first and a goal to get a pair before today's game with friends. Ended up at Serramonte and after being at Footlocker momentarily, came out with these. I know my girlfriend probably wouldn't like these but I couldn't justify spending over $90 for some Jordans. At least at the end of the day I got no blisters!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Daly City Police Department

I'm not in trouble first off...but I'm here 9 in the morning to get my fingerprints scanned and get a background check since I applied for a job as a teacher for Daly City. I'm scheduled to teach photography to kids grades 5 to 6 and believe it or not...hip hop dance to the same age group.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Clinical III: Seton

Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning I report here for my clinical. This week our rotation is at the wound care center and here we got to see different wounds and types of care and dressings needed for each patient. The staff are all friendly and easily welcomed us to be in the room with the patient's consent. So far, it's been easy during rotations because we don't need to prelab...meaning we don't have to report to the hospital the day before, choose a patient, and write a complete care plan. Unfortunately, we are all back on the floor next week and this time we take on two patients. It'll be a busy week indeed especially with my test coming up and preparation for a presentation.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Major American Novelists

Waiting for teacher with my cup of green tea latte and my mom's Asus EEE pc to kill time in class.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kristine's Graduation Photoshoot

The Set up.
I had my mom take a picture of me real quick when done setting up. Everything's good!
Kristine getting ready for her close-up.

The final image she chose.. for some reason, the image looks "cold" on this blog.
If you're wondering... Kristine's mom took this photo of us. Overall, a good 25 min. shoot!

Kristine's Graduation Portrait Photoshoot

I just finished setting up for my friend's shoot for her graduation pictures. Remember those high school senior portrats? Well, Kristine isn't in high school but a USF senior. She'll be using these for her invitations. As far as set-up, I have my white seamless background only to the floor since they're only going to be headshots. Two flashes are used, the background light is a flash set at 1/2 power to a 32" white umbrella (if you see the background, it has footsteps all over from a last shoot!) and the other flash is set the same with a 45" shoot-thru white umbrella. Lens I will be using is a 50mm prime most likely set between f/7.1 to 8 to get the most detail. As of now, I'm waiting for her arrival by sitting in her stool and listening to my ipod through speakers.

Sunday Mornings (Continued)

The best part of Sunday Mornings is reading the newspaper (aka advertisements) from SF Chronicle. We all grab the ads and take the time to read em at my cousin's house. We look at Target, Best Buy, and more. I save the best for last and it's not an's SF Chronicle's Insight +Books.

Sunday Mornings

It's always been a family tradition after church to eat at a fast food joint. Usually, we'd go to Jollibee but this time we grabbed food at Jack in the Box. Sourdough Jack hits the spot and my Mom wanted to get a chocolate shake which I'm holding in my hand here.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mother Knows Peace

I took this picture when I did a concept entitled "Music of My Profression" long time ago.. I think it was about 2006..but I had my mom model first to pose for me in the same position that I planned on doing. Anyways this image is her photo ID whenever she calls me.

But generally, to all the mothers out there..yall know how to keep things real.

Ripley @ Irving Pet Hospital

I just wanted to test out this mobile blog through my phone and it works!!! Pretty sweet knowing you can enter blogs without the computer. Expect to see more coming... especially when I'm bored. haha!

But this Ripley, my pet iguana for 10 years [got him 1998]. He was recently diagnosed with stomatisis.. inflammation of an opening.. and in iguanas, this usually means "Mouth Rot" [name itself does not sound good]. I took him to Irving Pet Hospital on April 7 and the doc did a mighty fine job. He was given some antibiotics through injection and sadly because of that, he's lost trust in me. Every time I go to the cage and give him his liquid antibiotics/feed him, he thinks I'm going to hurt him and tries to bite.

Hopefully in due time he'll see that I'm only helping.

Started this blog in the midst of writing a paper.

I don't know why I just started this blog in the midst of writing a nursing journal review paper.. but thought I'd do so while on my quick break. I'm about... 2 pages from being done anywhoo.

But here's a run down of what has happed so far in 2008:
- Lau Wedding [01.06.08]
- Nonage Book Opening--proof copy arrived [01.08.08]
- Photoshoot: Capita City: Fresh [01.15.08]
- Nonage - True Knowledge Radio Interview with iLaw [02.13.08]
- Photoshoot: J-Ricz [] for album "Genesis" [03.08.08]
- Photoshoot: Tinkture [] [03.23.08]
- Project: "Text Box" [will go in depth later on...]
- Concept: "35mm Game of Checkers"
- Film: "Monday for Tuesday" [04.11.08]

J-Ricz's album "Genesis" is set to be released Fall 2008 and the images will be done by Summer. Project "Text Box" is underway and will be the second book I plan to get self-published. The film "Monday for Tuesday" is for a USF commercial contest and is written and directed by me and co-produced with Apol Perea. Music will be provided by J-Soul and apparel by Capita City. It's due on April 18 and I'll post the video here when it's done.

Other news is that I will be teaching hip hop to kids for Daly City in the after school program once a week and soon enough, photography as well twice a week. Both after school programs will be for kids from grades 5 to 7 and I'm sure it'll be a blast. I officially start teaching [hip hop] on April 21st. Yee!