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Monday, March 30, 2009

Abbot & East Moltke: "In Addition Part II: Couch"

[Taken March 30, 2009]

Seriously? Take note of the post below this one entitled "In Addition". Only a day afterward and I see why there were seat cushions... this couch belongs to it!

Someone's going under a room makeover.

Abbot and East Moltke is an on-going project documenting the various items left by households at the corner of where I live. Different items have been left already and some of which I've already unfortunately missed. This photo series will continue for an unknown period of time and is planned to be [self] published once body of work is completed.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Abbot & East Moltke: "In Addition"

[Taken March 29, 2009]

I guess who ever is dumping wasn't done just yet. More stuff added 2 days after "Rolled Rug"

Abbot and East Moltke is an on-going project documenting the various items left by households at the corner of where I live. Different items have been left already and some of which I've already unfortunately missed. This photo series will continue for an unknown period of time and is planned to be [self] published once body of work is completed.

Abbot & East Moltke: "Rolled Rug"

[Taken March 27, 2009]

Abbot and East Moltke is an on-going project documenting the various items left by households at the corner of where I live. Different items have been left already and some of which I've already unfortunately missed. This photo series will continue for an unknown period of time and is planned to be [self] published once body of work is completed.

Beginning Photography: Susan B. Anthony Elementary School 2008

So it's been awhile since I've put together my last class but I finally was able to finish it up today [after the homework as well].

This is my Beginning Photography class last fall and this is the same school I came from! [c/o 1999] yessir.

Print available through here for $14.90

Friday, March 27, 2009

Save Money. (You still have to spend money though.)





link to coupon right about. here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Know Christmas is far off...

... but will someone forward this message to Santa? Thanks.

This is the camera I've been jockin for the past years: a Minolta CLE. This piece was modeled after Leica's CL and was the most sophisticated rangefinder camera of its time. With aperture priority and manual settings, able to fit Minolta and Leica M lenses?!

To top it off, this eBay listing is for the COMPLETE OUTFIT. That dark red bag itself is worth a couple of $100s considering the rarity of it.

So Santa, thank you very much.

eBay Listing

I believe the bidding is past $1k right now. Someone willing to donate money to me? Cool.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to Make an Artistic Photo

This is straight from a new blog I found and am now following Photographer's Math. Even the title of this blog is ripped off its site.

But many are funny and only a few would be understood from a photographer's point of view. It's basically "mathematical" explanations of photography in general.

Pay a visit. It seems like a new one is posted everyday.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Project: Abbot and East Moltke: "Family's Beds"

Left today for coffee and came across a new left over at my street's corner. When I came back I snapped a few pics in different angles and this is the best shot I got.

I'm always surprised because in a few days, these will be gone [I don't know who takes them] and in a few days something new is bound to show up.

Abbot and East Moltke is an on-going project documenting the various items left by households at the corner of where I live. Different items have been left already and some of which I've already unfortunately missed. This photo series will continue for an unknown period of time and is planned to be [self] published once body of work is completed.

Project: "Writing Right"

A couple of weeks ago, I made an observation that almost everybody writes differently and that there certainly a right way to write. For the sake of curiosity, I asked friends and family to hold up pen so I can see if my observation was correct and most of the time I was. There are certainly subtle differences and thought it would be a cool project to take on.

The first photo here is of my mom with her newly painted nails.
This is my hand and many are wowed when I show them how I write. I make "pinchers" while holding a pen. :shrug:

Set up for these shots:
  • one AB400 set to 1/2 power shot through 42" white translucent umbrella approx. 1 ft away from hand to create large and soft light source
  • 1/125 shutter, f/11
First up is my family and I'll move on to friends who are interested in joining. I'll probably include a quick note made by the pictured writer to show their handwriting that comes from their particular hold.

Love, Patience, & Time

A.S.E.S. - Hip Hop Class from JJ Casas on Vimeo.

Besides teaching photography in the after school program, I'm teaching hip hop this quarter. I taught a simple dance to Eric Benet's "Love, Patience, & Time." At this point the kids just learned the foot work and the arm choreography would be added later in the class for the day.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Krispy Kreme, Blankets, and a Scorpian Lollipop.

This morning, my cousin and I headed out to Haight to pass out blankets [for his birthday, he requested blankets instead of regular gifts]. Before going, we got 1 donut each glazed Krispy's. When it's freshly fried and dunked into the glaze, it is joy.
I think there were about 7 blankets we passed in total... many were given by friends and family members [my mom alone gave him like 4?!]
There was just one person who said he didn't need one. Otherwise, it was me who passed em out while my cousin pulled over to ask the persons if they needed one.
Afterwards we go to Academy of Sciences and we go straight ahead to the rain forest. 45 minute wait! Ugh. Yet, we found its worth once we stepped inside. I like how parents bring their kids along... those kids better remember! I vaguely remember my trip to Academy of Sci when I was young... I do remember it was just a field trip and the dioramas. That's it!

My cousin used my 10% and bought this scorpian 'pop that I dared him to get. LIVE IT BUZZED I said!So on the way home, he worked at it while driving.
He would tell me periodically "Oh! There's a leg!" while chewing on it. hahah
The remnants: finally back at the house he eats it and I did record video for him since I think he plans to post it on his blog.

"Hmm.. taste like crispy fish"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

M3TH0d Entertainment: Free Mixes!

My friend Kevin, whose company Method Entertainment, has started a blog solely to share and give out free mixes.

Get your free mixes here:

This is the same friend who in 2003, started teen parties during high school [it was unthinkable back then] and soon revolutionized the party scene for high schoolers that is evident today. He also got me into photography in the sense that he needed a club photographer. So when I think of my photo career, it stems from my experience working at parties with him and his company.

He is refreshing his company this year and we're bound to work together again.

Link: Method Entertainment [still under construction]

jC Photography x M3TH0D Entertainment 2009!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meeting Scout Tufankjian, photographer/author of "Yes We Can"

Despite being sick [running nose, malaise, body aches, mild fever], I decided to go to Oakland with the help of my girlfriend who agreed to drive since I wasn't feeling good. We arrived late around 7:20pm when it started at 7:00pm at Barnes and Nobles in Jack London Square.

When I went upstairs where she was having her presentation, I didn't realize she was young! Her picture in the back of her book is deceiving!
As far as learning about this book, my friend Catherine [editor of Nonage and the one who wrote the introduction] gave it to me Christmas 2008. So the book was just completed when Obama was the President-Elect.
[Macbook Pro! Yee!] She Scout had a slideshow of select images from her book and explained the photos and what it meant to her. Very cool listening to someone who was at the very moment history was being made. She shared a lot of funny stories and at the end, she opened it up to the attendees for any questions.

My question was:
"I do photography myself but not photojournalism. As far as equipment, how did you know what to bring? Were you one of those photographers who had packs around their waste bringing everything?"
She answered [as far as what I remembered]:

"I travel light. Nikon loans me their equipment and so I use primes with the Nikon D3. I use 28mm, 85mm 1.4.... [she mentions other lenses]. I don't use zoom lenses because I've learned in class that if we want to get closer we walk up. Prime lenses also makes you think better for your shot. I'm not entirely sure if that's true but I like to say it since it sounds good, right?"

She's definitely cool and upfront.

Me and my copy and business card in hand... I was nervous giving it to her since I didn't know what she might think!
I introduce myself and she asks what I do and I mention portraits and all and she says she hasn't done them for so long. And that the other week or so she did a portrait for a businessman and the other portrait was of Yoko Ono! [from there I was in awe... this is the stuff I want to do!]
Chat chat... my girlfriend takes the photos.
She asks my name again and make sure she's spells it correctly.
I tell her: "Well.. if you're ever.. uhm.. here in San Francisco.. let me know! It would be cool to help out or something." That was all said nervously. lol She said that would be cool and everyone around were laughing because I asked in such a choppy way.

Regarding my business card: I gave it to her and asked if she had time to check out my site and it would nice if she could give a few words on my work and all. She said she would.. so we'll see!

"Dear JJ,
From one photog to another, I hope you like the book!

Scout Tufankian


Monday, March 16, 2009

Moleskine Planner 2009 x John Lennon Edition

Ok. So maybe it's not the official John Lennon Moleskine edition but I'm making my move of relying heavily on my phone's Palm calendar to analog. As usual, I brand my Moleskines with a silver Sharpie with an illustration in front and a related quote on the back.

This time around, I was looking for a quote on life and stumbled upon this quote and I had to draw an accompanying image of John Lennon. I forgot to remove the strap so sorry about that!
The quote I found via

I've already filled out my schedules for the upcoming days and cool thing is that I add the weather on the bottom of the pages [after looking at extended forecast via online]. Once again, go get a Moleskine already.

Be cool.

USF Kasamahan Barrio Fiesta 2009

I was asked by my friend who was part of the show if I can cover the show at University of San Francisco and I gladly accepted [got free admissions as one of the perks].

This year, the story is more serious than last year's comedic show. For this year, the story is based upon a "model agency" that entices women from the Philippines to come to America for a better opportunity but is instead tricked into prostitution. While being a heavy topic, all the talents did a wonderful job in the acting and dance performances.
My friends have a special duo dance off. Do you remember Kimiko [from my photoshoot]? Well that's her dancing away.
The production incorporated many vibrant costumes and it makes think that I have to learn more of my culture.
Another set of friends who I know who were part of the show. The lady in the middle, Kim, choroegraphed this number and she happens to sit next to me in our ethics class!
My friend Hazel has a solo dance in which a spotlight was shone on her throughout the piece.
At the end, freshmen through seniors were called onto the stage and were recognized for their hard work for the show. My friends Jayson and Andrew do a little leap frog on stage.
The 3 "A's" were given recognition at the end. The first A I wasn't too sure... but Aileen [who asked me to photograph the event] and Allen [director] got the last bow.

Good job to everyone who was part of this.

Below are the download links to the pictures:


Both links will direct you to for the download links.

Fun. Faces.

This was taken at the Beginning Photography class at Westlake which I'm teaching at. The class' objectives was to learn and take panning shots. In the middle of it, two of my students started taking funny faces pictures and so I asked if I can join in.

There's another photo that was taken right after this in which it was in focused but I like how this photo is a little obscure. I especially like one of my other student's hand is in the picture in attempt to make rabbit ears.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Objectified - A film by Gary Hustwit

Came across this documentary after browsing some design blogs [I think that's how I came across it]. I became more interested when 1) it's the same director as Helvetica [anyone should watch it since it's literally everywhere] and 2) there's a screening on April 21 Tuesday [remaining times are 10pm-midnight] in Sundance Kabuki Theatre in San Francisco.

I just purchased the tickets and will have my girlfriend come along in hopes of getting him sign my Moleskine x Helvetica limited edition Moleskine [yes, I will open it if I have an opportunity to have him sign it!]

Let me know if you're planning to go!

Purchase Here
General Information on the movie Objectified

Project: Abbot and East Moltke: "Toy"

I've always wanted to do this.

Where I live, there's a set of apartments that live up my street. For some reason, the corner of where the apartments are has become notorious for random objects to be dumped and discarded.

Already starting in the beginning of the year, I've been photographing these objects and something new for me is using my compact digital camera [Sony W120 to be exact] rather than my DSLR.

I don't know how long this project will be for considering I'll be working on Lineage first. It is slated to be [self]published into a book though once I feel there are an adequate amount of images.

What $195 + a Cousin who can hook it up can get you.

My cousin asked if I was available on Wednesday [03/11/09] and I was so he asking if I can go to a Warriors game. No hesitation there. He held back on where we'd be sitting until we finally walked into the gate and gave my my ticket and bam! $195 per seat?! It was his boss' season tickets and his boss couldn't make the game. So here I am lucky.

Row 9. Nice.
I enjoy my dog purchased from the Club's VIP-like section. I believe there was a full bar too but got beers for my cousin and myself isntead.
This was somewhat my view--I forgot the lens on my compact camera is wide-angle but it was a tad bit closer than this picture for sure.
Fortunately, we won!

2009-03-07 - Pictorial Event at Sheraton Hotel, Burlingame

Free dinner provided by my friend's mom: Salmon! Always a good choice when you go to hotel events since the heavier meats are usually chewy [in my opinion]. My lovely girlfriend helps me with this event with set up and managing sales.
Brought all that is necessary to print on the spot: Macbook pro, Epson Artisan 800 photo printer, photo trimmer, 8x10/5x7 clear plastic sleeves, business cards, sign up sheets for email blasts.
As far as the set up, 2 Alien Bess with 32" umbrellas into my white background. Power cords everywhere taped down with gaffer's tape. Background exposed to f/11 while main light epxosed to f/8.
All the equipment I brought [starting from top to bottom]: Light stands, background stand, Alien Bees Vagabond II battery pack [wasn't used but brought just in case], Epson Artisan 800, Alien Bees bags containing 1 A800 head, 1 A400 head, and 1 ABR800 [ringflash which wasn't used], and finally my Porter Case containing all my photo equipment. Love how this case can be used as a hand trunk!!

Oh, laptop in which I'm carrying and there off to the side you can see the roll of paper.

All of this rolling... I'd estimate it weighed about 80-90 lbs?? Pretty hefty.

The event was some kind Filipino organization reunion and many came dressed to impress. The event had me print out images on the spot and so many ordered 8x10s.
This young lady provided my girlfriend and I company and she sat around us and offered to trim the photos in which we insisted she can help afterward when we weren't working a sweat keeping up with the photo taking, printing, trimming, packaging and of course managine the money!
I ran into my high school friend PJ and it was cool seeing him. He and I were in our high school's hip hop group so I definitely remember him [as well as all the cotillion days we were in].
I too come into the picture.

Event started 7:00p but I arrive 7:45p and after tear down, we ended at 12:30am.