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Monday, June 28, 2010

Ad Campaign: Molecover (The Haight, San Francisco)

Continuing the Molecover ad series, the next location MotionScope hit was The Haight in San Francisco.

If you're unfamiliar with this product, you need to know what a Moleskine is first. They are basically small pocket notebooks [but they do come in larger sizes to suit your needs], and are recognizable for their leather covers, cloth bookmark, and pocket in the back. They also have been recognized as the notebooks of artists such as Van Gough and Hemingway.

Molecovers are leather covers that go over your Moleskine to protect it but allows you to retain Moleskine's classic looks.

So enjoy the pictures below of the Molecovers set in The Haight in San Francisco.
Click the images to view a larger version!

Photography by Nicole Velazco and John Enriquez
Edited by JJ Casas

Stay tuned for the next location in this San Francisco x Molecover series!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

BTS: Photoshoot: "On A Journey" [Sutro Baths, San Francisco, CA]

All photos by my assistant Nicole Velazco

Yesterday late afternoon to evening, I had a collaboration photoshoot with a set of designers, make up artists, and stylists in San Francisco. Full credits are the every end but overall, there was about 13 people I'd say who was on "set" at Sutro Baths in San Francisco.

Pictured above is model Veronica getting some last minute touch ups with MUA [make up artist] Michelle. In the background is MUA Bianca doing the same to the second model Paris. On the left is stylist Angelica Garde.

Bianca's sister [on the left] was on hand for assistance.

Assisting me is John Enriquez who managed the main light throughout the day--a 60" Softlighter II mounted on an Alien Bees 800 on my "lighting stick" powered by a Vagabond II.
Ok yes, I'm short. haha But here I am showing the first model of the day Veronica some of the photos as I joke around.
Giving some instruction of what I think would look good but of course I reminded her that she's the boss haha

All the jewelry was designed by Ses Basila of

One of the two designers is Joy Santos from LA who provided half of the looks for today's shoot.

The second designer is Cara Ramos who I've had the pleasure of shooting her first premiere pieces.
Totally cold in San Francisco on an overcast day as well as being on the beach. Above is what the models had to bare throughout the shoot: changing outside in a makeshift dressing room!

Some of the things that the MUA brought along.

Me putting my yoga skills to test!

One of my favorite locations at that spot was this area right here where Veronica worked it despite being scared that she might fall in the waters below. haha Veronica, thank you for trusting me and being able to overcome that fear!

Then again, I wouldn't blame her for being scared to go over that side when you're wearing these things!

This is the narrow 2.5 feet walkway we had to get to that previous location Veronica was photographed at. That hole in the center was very daunting--I'm sure especially when the girls are wearing those heals!
The third location with my stylist and friend Jane Park helping me work out the poses for Paris.

Joy looks on with the vintage suitcases as props which stylists Angelica and Brian brought for the shoot.

Me looking over my production notes aka my "treatment" along with Ses.

The "look" that was set up for Paris with John with the light and Jane looking to assist Paris.

I can model as well.

The 5th location was here right near the cave. Ideally it would've been at the cave but working with one light didn't give me enough light to highlight the cave. Luckily, Jane suggested this section off the cave.

The second to last location was here in this wide open area. A couple looks on [and many other passerbys look in wonder since it was a big production].

Photography by JJ Casas
Assisted by John Enriquez
BTS Photography/Producer: Nicole Velazco
2nd Assistant/Stylist: Jane Park
Model: Veronica Girma
Model: Paris Warr
Clothing Designer: Cara Antoinette Ramos
Clothing Designer: Jocelyn Santos
Jewelry Designer: Cecille "Ses" Basila
Stylist: Brian Advincula
Stylist: Angelica Garde
MUA: Bianca Guida
MUA: Michelle Vega

Stay tuned for the pictures!

New Collaboration:!

One my longest days for awhile to come was today and it started off with a breakfast meeting with the awesome creative fashion duo Jessica Phan and Agnes Fernandez of at Palo Alto's Joanie's Cafe.

Do yourself a favor and visit their site now--especially if you're into new fashion/accessories that you can make for a dime [or a borrowed shirt/pieces from your.. well..boyfriend haha]

But really, their pieces are creatively fantastic and have grown quite a following and have already been featured in blogs and even Metro News! Quite a feat especially when they just started a year ago!

they even gave me a free sticker!

Our meeting was to discuss two things primarily: my upcoming shoot with my stylist [an androgynous shoot with a story] and a calendar LookBook project that will benefit a charity with its sales. We also discussed for the future a produced video by MotionScope Studies to showcase the DIY videos that its followers would want in clarity and instruction! So there's definitely a lot going with our collaboration.

Do expect this calendar to be completed by the end Fall and ready for order for the Holidays!

Kalayaan School of Equity x jC Photography: Photography Fundamentals Part 01

On June 25, 2010, I had my part 1 of 2 workshops in which it focused on the fundamentals of photography. You can check out more details here [including info on the upcoming FREE workshop!]

Above is the setup I gave my workshop in the small and intimate place in Daly City.

I did use my iPhone [1G] phone to control my keynote =) Totally cool app.

Joal Vargas, a board member of Kalayaan School of Equity introduces what KSE is about, its programs for the youth, and finally introduces me.

I showed my cousin in attendance the feature of using the Macro setting in a point and shoot camera.

In total, about 15 were in attendance--a mix of my family and girlfriend, KSE members, and some people wanting to learn.

My girlfriend checking out what my cousin is doing with the pocket cam.

My mom after work attends and I suppose had I question for me? haha I don't remember answering her. haha!

My cousin practicing the panning technique I covered. This shot was made with a pocket point and shoot!

At the end of the workshop, I went over some lighting concepts and then also gave out quick tips on using a pocket point and shoot cam since that's what most people have.

Next workshop is July 2, 2010 and will be covering the fundamentals of marketing. This can be applied for anything--photography, graphic design, a growing business[wo]man, etc!

Hope yall check it out--it's FREE!

BTS Video: Michell Dizon's Pre-Cotillion Shoot

Thank you to Markie Idea of MotionScope Studies who completed this behind-the-scenes video of our Cotillion [18th Birthday] celebrant Michelle Dizon.

Michelle Dizon Portraiture BTS from motionscopestudies on Vimeo.

Photography: JJ Casas
Hair Stylist: Brittany Valenzano
Assistant: Jiro Bantay
BTS Video: Markie Idea

Please visit her page too HERE!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ad Campaign: Molecover [BTS: Haight St., San Francisco]

These are the behind the scene pictures I took for the Molecover Ad campaign series--this time at Haight St., San Francisco.

I'll be honest right away: I forgot to bring my pocket camera so instead I used my iPhone--and no, not the newest iPhone 4--but the very first generation iPhone.

Safe to say though, I'm loving the black and white photos I can get from this camera! =)

Pictured in these photos are the latest members of MotionScope Studies, the photo/video company that I started with my friend Ryan Brown. The fella is John and the lady is Nicole.

I was their photo director for the day as I instructed them to take the Molecover notebooks around Haight and capture it in great scenes.

Nicole [pictured above] was asking me if she could just come back here another day since I was giving them too little time. I had to be somewhere by 4:30pm meaning I only gave them 25 minutes haha

Despite the time constraint, I'm sure the images will be looking great as I'll be editing them and publishing them for web by the end of the weekend.

So here's to add another collection of Molecover images to the ad series!

Edited spreads coming soon! Stay tuned!