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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kristine's Graduation Portrait Photoshoot

I just finished setting up for my friend's shoot for her graduation pictures. Remember those high school senior portrats? Well, Kristine isn't in high school but a USF senior. She'll be using these for her invitations. As far as set-up, I have my white seamless background only to the floor since they're only going to be headshots. Two flashes are used, the background light is a flash set at 1/2 power to a 32" white umbrella (if you see the background, it has footsteps all over from a last shoot!) and the other flash is set the same with a 45" shoot-thru white umbrella. Lens I will be using is a 50mm prime most likely set between f/7.1 to 8 to get the most detail. As of now, I'm waiting for her arrival by sitting in her stool and listening to my ipod through speakers.

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