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Friday, April 18, 2008

My New Basketball Shoes

First off, I'm not fond with buying Nike or any other cool looking expensive shoes. I've had Converse Chucks since high school and other non-basketball non-designer shoes (except for some slip-on Pumas and my girlfriend's gift of Nike Air Force's). Anywhoo, problem with my previous shoe was that it just wasn't a good this morning I went out with a budget in mind first and a goal to get a pair before today's game with friends. Ended up at Serramonte and after being at Footlocker momentarily, came out with these. I know my girlfriend probably wouldn't like these but I couldn't justify spending over $90 for some Jordans. At least at the end of the day I got no blisters!

1 comment:

Cherrymae said...

Did you use a high-lighter to color in some parts of your shoe? j/k All in all, nice selection, after all, the oddness (or "uniqueness") does fit your persona babe.