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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ripley @ Irving Pet Hospital

I just wanted to test out this mobile blog through my phone and it works!!! Pretty sweet knowing you can enter blogs without the computer. Expect to see more coming... especially when I'm bored. haha!

But this Ripley, my pet iguana for 10 years [got him 1998]. He was recently diagnosed with stomatisis.. inflammation of an opening.. and in iguanas, this usually means "Mouth Rot" [name itself does not sound good]. I took him to Irving Pet Hospital on April 7 and the doc did a mighty fine job. He was given some antibiotics through injection and sadly because of that, he's lost trust in me. Every time I go to the cage and give him his liquid antibiotics/feed him, he thinks I'm going to hurt him and tries to bite.

Hopefully in due time he'll see that I'm only helping.

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