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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Started this blog in the midst of writing a paper.

I don't know why I just started this blog in the midst of writing a nursing journal review paper.. but thought I'd do so while on my quick break. I'm about... 2 pages from being done anywhoo.

But here's a run down of what has happed so far in 2008:
- Lau Wedding [01.06.08]
- Nonage Book Opening--proof copy arrived [01.08.08]
- Photoshoot: Capita City: Fresh [01.15.08]
- Nonage - True Knowledge Radio Interview with iLaw [02.13.08]
- Photoshoot: J-Ricz [] for album "Genesis" [03.08.08]
- Photoshoot: Tinkture [] [03.23.08]
- Project: "Text Box" [will go in depth later on...]
- Concept: "35mm Game of Checkers"
- Film: "Monday for Tuesday" [04.11.08]

J-Ricz's album "Genesis" is set to be released Fall 2008 and the images will be done by Summer. Project "Text Box" is underway and will be the second book I plan to get self-published. The film "Monday for Tuesday" is for a USF commercial contest and is written and directed by me and co-produced with Apol Perea. Music will be provided by J-Soul and apparel by Capita City. It's due on April 18 and I'll post the video here when it's done.

Other news is that I will be teaching hip hop to kids for Daly City in the after school program once a week and soon enough, photography as well twice a week. Both after school programs will be for kids from grades 5 to 7 and I'm sure it'll be a blast. I officially start teaching [hip hop] on April 21st. Yee!

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