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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finals Finally Finished!

My group and I after eating some brunch at Squat n Gobble in West Portal/SF. Thank goodness finals are over and now it's just time for summer!

After studying for countless hours and waking up 4 in the morning [well.. that's probably only me out of this group] to cram, it's all over. It all went smooth despite the little scare:

Basically.. I came out to a 74.9% and the passing grade is a 75% in Nursing at USF. Thankfully, the grade was rounded and I passed. One of my friends, Darlene, explained the moment much better:

"It's like.. it's like you know... you were swimming and you just got your head above the water and you're like 'Yee!!' "

Angela, one of our other friend goes: "Yea! It's just like that!" She points to the wall and there is this conceptual painting with the face above the water.

haha.. classic.

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