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Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Hi! My name is Coach JJ!"

It's my first day today as the after school program's photography teacher at an elementary school in Westlake [Daly City]. I'm currently teaching photography at another elementary school in Daly City and so this is my second site. I met the coordinator and she said that the students address the teachers as "Coach" and then your name so today, I'm officially Coach JJ.

I have my own room (Room 3).. by the way.. can you name all your teachers from elementary school? (I can.. but I digress). So for today's lesson, I taught the kids two important photography terms which are "aperture" and "shutter" and briefly introduced them to the "Rule of Thirds." Next week, we're going to actually use digital and film cameras.

Also, today included a HEAT WAVE. And geeeez was it hot. It was recorded about 94 degrees Fahrenheit and elsewhere it was just about the same or higher in the Bay Area. These pictures prove it:

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Catherine said...

I love the weather right now.. I was just at Ocean Beach, wearing shorts. At 2:00am. Effing fabulous. Embrace it, Jayj. The fog will return shortly.