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Monday, May 19, 2008

Me and Mario @ Borders (Union Square)

The "AC's"

Here I am with Mario at Borders in Union Square (San Francisco). My cousin too came with me and I took photos of him while he got his book signed. There was a fair amount of people there although not as much people you'd think... probably under 100 for sure so the signing went fast.

Here's the conversation I had with with him:

JJ: Hey Mario!
Mario: Hey there!
JJ: Hey.. uh.. my friends call me "AC" because of my dimple.
Mario: Oh! haha..
JJ: Yeah... Hey.. Can you do me a favor? When we take a picture, can you point?
Mario: ....
JJ: Yeah.. point at your dimple and....

At this point.. he didn't really hear me no more.. so instead, he points at me although it would've been better if he pointed at his dimple.

:Camera flashes:

JJ: Hey thanks man! By the way.. who do you think will win in Dancing with the Stars?
Mario: Hmm... :lowers his voice: I got to say Kristy.
JJ: Right on.. right on. Take care bro!
Mario: You too!

There were some awkward moments in between him signing and me waiting for him to look up at the camera. Those moments looked like this:

So what if his book has him shirtless on the cover and makes me embarrassed to purchase it [actually two copies since one is for my girlfriend]. Who would pass an opportunity to meet a celebrity? Not I said I. Not I.

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Catherine said...

hahahahaha i love the awkward picture. seriously. you can write a story about that.