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Friday, May 30, 2008

(Mock) Ad: Kodak FunSaver

"FunSaver" - 05.30.2008

This summer, I will try and keep myself busy by making (Mock) Ads for different companies. Hopefully, I don't get in trouble from companies... caman now, it's like free* advertising!

But to give a heads up of how this shot is made, my set up was one flash strobe (Minolta 5600[d]) facing a white 32" umbrella pointing down from camera left. This strobe/umbrella was mounted on a lightstand about 3.5 feet above the camera. The disposable camera is from the batch I have given from City of Daly City for my photography class. I saved the wrapper when I opened one and then I knew I just have to do an ad for this.

The name itself, "FunSaver," gave me inspiration to make a "In case of emergency..." context for the ad. If this was printed in magazine, it would take two pages. Either a 2-page consecutive spread or separated by at least one page so when the reader views the first page with the camera and flips the page, (s)he will see the "In case of.." part.

Hope you enjoyed this and there'll be more to come as long as I keep myself from watching TV (NBA Finals.. who isn't watching?)

*For any companies interested in hiring.. I do not offer ads for free. It would be a sweet deal to get hired for an ad agency as that's part of my dream job. The other half would be in fashion.

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