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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photo Concept: DJ Busy B: "Defy"

Sketched on March 27, 2008

For all my conceptual shoots, I sketch a drawing of how I want the final image to be.. usually I draw it on my personal journal called a Moleskine. [Btw, these journals are good quality stuff.. pricey but well worth it to get those creative ideas flowing onto paper]. After I sketch an idea, I resketch it on my tablet computer so I can send it out to the client for any feedback.

This particular sketch is for Daly City born DJ Busy B. I have 3 sketches for a concept and here's one of them. Basically, he will be wearing a suit, preferably a tux, and will be posing as a magician. One of my first sketches is of him levitating two records with his hands. This sketch above shows him levitating himself.

If I had the money and production team, I'd like to do a big shot wide shot of a club scene in which everyone is levitated by his music. I'd need the money to rent out a club, models to be in the scene, make up artists, lighting to simulate a club scene, wardrobe manager.

Or, I could just go to a club.. and count "1..2... 3.. JUMP!"

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