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Monday, May 5, 2008

Special Preview: "Text Box" [Summer 2008]

On April 02, 2008, I started a new project being scheduled to be printed/published end of Summer 2008. It's entitled Text Box and it will be a collection of square formatted photos of various people, places, things with annotated "yellow pieces of paper".
This is just a sample and it was actually taken earlier today at 7:30pm. I was driving around the block to find a parking spot and I see this lady with nearly a DOZEN neighborhood cats in the driveway. I've seen her feeding these cats many months ago and she actually travels from South San Francisco, takes a total of 4 SamTrans buses, lugs her heavy rolling bag filled with food, and fights the cold weather despite having surgery in her knee years ago. How do I know this? I talked to her and her name is Mila. I even asked if I can take a portrait of her and she agreed despite saying "I'm not dressed to take a picture!" She laughed it off and smiled in front of the camera. Her series included in Text Box is my favorite so far--you have to see her portrait [the third image of this series] when this project is completed.

Text Box will be collection of unique images in which the amount is only limited of how much I gather by the end of Summer 2008. It will also document my travels this summer including Daly City, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York City.

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