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Monday, May 12, 2008

USF Video Contest Entry: "Monday for Tuesday"

Last month, I entered USF's first video contest. They were basically leaving it open to students and faculty to create a video that promotes University of San Francisco--a simple 90 sec to 3 minute commercial. I came up with a concept and it was to film it using a stop motion like capture using my digital camera. There was also a checklist of things you would have to include in the video in order to qualify and I chose Academics, Student Life, and Fun in San Francisco.

Although I didn't place [1st price was $3000!!!]... I did get a complimentary USF hooded sweatshirt [valued at around $35] and a nifty slim pocket calculator.. haha

I give thanks to Apol for helping me shoot this as well as putting it altogether, Manny who gave me a shirt to wear from his clothing line Capita City, and of course Jan Marc aka J-Soul for composing a song just for this video.

Written and Directed by JJ Casas
Co-Producted by Apol Perea and JJ Casas
Shot by Apol Perea
Clothing provided by Capita City
Music provided by J-Soul

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