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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wii Fit: Unboxing and First Impressions

So here it is. This is another money maker for Nintendo. This peripheral/video game combination sold out in Europe and Asia and now in the US, before it was released, ALL preorders available either through online vendors such as and stores including GameStop and others SOLD OUT even before they hit the shelves.

For any video game to be sold out before any reviews were out that's amazing.. you got to give Nintendo's marketing department the credit they truly deserve.

So after about 45 minutes of waiting, Best Buy in Daly City opened 10:00am and before then I was given a piece of paper saying I am the 12th customer out of the 20 to receive a unit. So here is the video game they include which includes about 40 different activities including aerobics, balance games, and strength training.
First impressions: This board is quite a load. It's supposedly 8 pounds total so if you plan on bringing it somewhere--say to grandma's house or something--be sure to have some sort of bag . There are grips underneath the board but it's surely not comfortable. On the side note, they include some plastic raisers so for people like me with carpet, the board can effectively be used. Otherwise, the only thing included are some instructions (which I never read), 4 AA batteries, and the Wii Fit game disc.
Just to give some perspective, here's a shot of me standing on top of the board. There are some raised bumps on the board which I found to be quite uncomfortable. Although they provide a bit of grip, raised plastic goosebumps on your feet is not the way to go. Wished they went with a rubber like material over the board so that way there's grip and at the same time, just give it a wipe with some cleanser it's bacterial-free from other people's feet sweat. Also, I did the push ups in the program and when I was done, I had red dots on my hand--I think I'll be putting a towel or something when I do it next time.
Here's my mom on the board playing the Hula Hoop game (one of my favorites so far). You basically... hula hoop around and then there two Mii's (if you don't know what a Mii is, well.. go get a Wii and you'll find out) that have hula hoops and they toss it towards you. What you have to do while gyrating your hips is to lean left or right to get the additional ring to score higher.
I was watching the TV and suddenly I hear plastic crinkling and papers go off and in the corner of my eye, I see my mom fall. hahah She seriously fell!! And then from there out, she laid there laughing and I did too. I guess the Wii Fit could be dangerous if you're really getting into it.
Overall, I think the purchase was well spent. On the side note, I got it for about $66+ instead of the $89.99 + tax since I used a $20 gift card and then a $10 off $75 from Best Buy coupon. Know your way online and you can get a good deal too with the coupons. Most def I'll be playing it to unlock more games and all.

Nintendo knows how to sell their products indeed. They got me waiting in line twice already for one of their products. The other line I was in for? The Wii's debut in November 2006. Stayed outside for 8 hours!

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