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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

For 4th of July, my girlfriend and I headed to the The Cannery in San Francisco [right near Ghirardelli Square]. Damn, we look hella short compared to this guy near us while walking down.

That green dot on my forhead is a flare. Not a booger or anything green of that matter.

We saw a good handful of street artists doing their thang of caricatures and quick portraits.

So we decided to get one for ourselves and this guy talked us into it basically... saying how ue's been drawing for more than 15 years [he later on said 50 after he was done], and that he was a "real artist who does real art... not caricatures like those others out there." Well, he only charged us $10 for both of us [usually it's $10/person so we said heck why not].

Although Cher had a hard time sitting still, he managed to draw a good portrait of her.

It was my turn and I agree with Cher.. it was kinna an odd feeling just looking at someone and trying hard not to move. It's like playing a staring contest and always winning because the artist looks down to draw.

I think you'd agree that this brief photo does capture us.

The artist himself taking a picture with us. Right afterwards, I say "I'm going to give you free press."

"THIS IS THE BEST GUY TO GET A CARICATURE.. err DRAWING!!!!" I shouted outloud to the people in the streets.

hahah.. I messed up! He just had that little shpiel of how dislikes caricatures and that his work are drawings. =/

Wouldn't be a day complete without taking an airborne picture. For some odd reason, Cher had a hard time taking a good jumping pic of me but this was the best outta the bunch. I'm continously working on my jumping picture.. but I was able to measure how high I could jump--I can clear that plant thingy right next to me, which is probably close to 4 feet[?]

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